ehk! was born of a belief in research, design and architecture, and their ability to make things better. Ingenious  research can inform a worldview. Inventive design can transform lives. Innovative architecture can redefine reality.

 In collaboration with our clients, we consistently strive to get to better. 

We  approach each project with sensitivity, common sense,  intuition and great aplomb. To deliver projects to the highest professional standard, we draw on our accumulated experience in a variety of different fields of architecture and related disciplines: 

- commercial architecture 

- residential architecture (both public and private)

- community and development architecture 

- conservation architecture and listed buildings

- education architecture

- masterplanning

- design problem resolution

We are an RIBA Chartered Practice and fully accredited by the Architects Registration Board. We offer architectural services through all work stages set out by the Royal Institute of British Architects, from helping our clients formulate a brief and obtaining the necessary permissions to detail design and construction management. 

South East Football for Hope Centre, Botswana